Helping our customers earn Healthy Profits with the highest quality juicing equipment.

Citrus America’s vision is to revolutionize the way Americans enjoy freshly squeezed citrus juice.

Our mission is to help our customers

· develop a unique consumer experience with on-premise juicing,

· deliver Healthy Taste to their clientele, and

· enjoy Healthy Profits from citrus juicing.

Citrus America supplies the highest quality juicing equipment and solutions that deliver on our commitment to TASTE, HYGIENE, and EFFICIENCY. Our customers range from small, individual cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to the largest and best-known names in the grocery and hotel industry.

We are CITROCASA’s exclusive partner in North America, including Canada and the Caribbean. CITROCASA and Citrus America share the same high level of commitment to quality, innovation, and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Why did Citrus America select CITROCASA?

Citrus juicing equipment has been around for some time, but on-premise fresh citrus juicing wasn’t as successful as it could have been for a few reasons: low quality equipment with poor hygiene and design, lacking service and support, and weak strategies. Today there is an ever-growing consumer demand for fresh and healthy products, such as real natural juices, and Citrus America set out to help meet that demand with superior equipment, strong support, and intelligent strategies.

Superior Equipment

Citrus America’s founders decided that if they were going to get into this industry they would only offer THE BEST citrus juicing equipment… and that’s CITROCASA. After doing significant testing and benchmarking, we determined that CITROCASA is the best equipment due to the:

· highest quality materials

· most robust and reliable engineering

· most innovative features

· highest commitment to continuous improvement

· most attractive designs for our customers

These factors aligned with our commitment to help our customers

· produce the best tasting juice

· achieve the highest hygiene levels

· support the highest efficiency


Strong Support

Citrus America partners with high quality distribution and service partners across North America to supply you with the right juicing solutions and to support you before and after you purchase a juicer. We look for partners that share our passion for juicing and commitment to TASTE, HYGIENE, and EFFICIENCY.

Intelligent Strategies

In addition to having excellent equipment, juicing tens, hundreds, even thousands of servings of citrus juice every day requires some thought and strategy. We pride ourselves on not just supplying equipment, but helping our customers develop the right solutions so that they can generate Healthy Profits from citrus juicing. These strategies are based on our core commitment to TASTE, HYGIENE, and EFFICIENCY.