A Brief History of Citrocasa

CITROCASA was created more than a decade ago to meet the very exacting hygiene and quality standards required in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – countries well-known for their excellent engineering. CITROCASA juicers are designed and engineered by TMP in Linz, Austria, which is located in Upper Austria, the state neighboring Bavaria, Germany. This entire area has a strong engineering and metallurgy background that sets it apart in the market place.

Some of CITROCASA’s milestones:

  • Stainless steel throughout for dramatic improvements in hygiene, juice quality, juicer reliability, and cleaning efficiency.
  • Early innovative features also include the industry-leading patented Up & Down SCS Dynamic Knife. This unique Soft Cut System (SCS), which cuts the fruit without tearing the peel, led to dramatic improvements in juice quality and taste and is now a critical part of CITROCASA’s strategy.

Dramatic Reduction of Peel Oils with the SCS

  • In 2010, CITROCASA launched the FANTASTIC Series targeted at smaller cafes, bakeries, juice bars, as well as small grocery stores: locations with tight space but still wanting to make fresh citrus juice. At 11 inches wide at the base but juicing 30 fruit per minute and with incredibly fast cleaning times, the Fantastic became a top selling juicer in Europe.

  • In 2011 CITROCASA launched the now top-selling 8000SB-ATS, with its amazing Automatic Transport System (ATS) for automatic pulp and seed removal. This feature enables highly efficient self-service juicing operation.
  • In 2012, CITROCASA introduced the Small Pressing Kit for juicing smaller citrus such as lemons and limes for all juicers.
  • In 2014, the Large Pressing Kit was launched for the 8000 series juicers for juicing larger oranges and grapefruit. It was now possible to juice a wide range of citrus, from limes to grapefruit, on one single juicer!
  • 2015 was an amazing year for CITROCASA with the launch of the 8000 ADVANCE and the FANTASTIC ADVANCE. Once again, CITROCASA has continued to be on the cutting edge of innovation with the addition of many amazing features to the 8000 as well as the FANTASTIC juicers.

  • In 2016, we are looking forward to the latest addition to the CITROCASA juicer family: the REVOLUTION, a slim and space-saving juicer with an amazing juicing capacity of 15 fruit per minute, despite its reduced size.

When you invest in a CITROCASA juicer, you’re investing in more than two (2) decades of citrus juicing innovation and continuous improvement of TASTE, HYGIENE, and EFFICIENCY.