Citrocasa USA


Citrus America was founded in 2010 by Ron and Brian Framson, a father-and-son team, with the vision to revolutionize the way American businesses offer and American consumers enjoy fresh citrus juice. At that time, it seemed easier to get a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in Austria, Brian’s then temporary residence and CITROCASA’s home country, than it was in the citrus-producing states of Florida, Texas or California. Ron and Brian wanted to change that!

CITROCASA had established a strong presence in the European market with both self-service and staff-operated juicers in many major grocery chains as well as individual cafes that went hand in hand with the growing consumer demand for fresh and natural foods. With similar consumer desires becoming increasingly visible in the US, Ron and Brian felt there had to be a fantastic opportunity here to satisfy consumers’ thirst for super fresh and healthy juices, with a real focus on citrus juice. And they knew that if they were going to be successful, they would have to satisfy this demand with the best equipment, strategies, and support. That’s how the cooperation with CITROCASA started.

 Brian and Ron Framson

Brian’s son, Jacob, juicing in Vienna in 2010

Both Brian and Ron have decades of business background – Brian working for large Blue Chip companies, including The Ford Motor Company, The Coca-Cola Company, McKinsey & Co, and Constantia Packaging and Ron building his own businesses in the travel segment. This father-son effort, which started back in 2010, and has grown into a highly professional company dedicated to serving both Blue Chip customers in the grocery and hotel industries as well as Small-, and Medium-sized operators that want to provide their clientele with the highest quality fresh citrus juice. Citrus America is fully committed to helping the consumer get the highest quality citrus juice experience possible and to helping our customers, big and small, earn Healthy Profits by delivering that wonderful experience.