FANTASTIC for Restaurants and Cafés

The Fantastic M/AS Advance is one of CITROCASA’s smallest juicers, but it has all the unique features and the juicing power of its bigger relatives… Here’s what makes the M/AS Advance such a great on-demand juicer for restaurants, cafes, and bakeries:

SIZE and SETUP: The Fantastic M/AS Advance has a footprint of only 11 inches and can easily fit into small spaces. This makes it very attractive for smaller establishments, which might only have limited counter space available for their equipment. In addition, the M/AS requires no complicated installation – all you need to do is set it down on a countertop or table and you are ready for juicing.

Fantastic M-AS Advance

MATERIALS and DESIGN: Like the other juicers in the Fantastic Advance line, the M/AS model has a unique and flowing design that will look fantastic in any setting. The 304 food-grade stainless steel construction adds to its striking appearance. This is a juicer you want your customers to see and experience – right where you serve them other delicious foods and drinks! Some of our customers keep the juicer on a counter behind the bar where it’s easy for their staff to operate and where their patrons can watch the fruit being juiced right in front of their eyes – and know that they are getting the freshest.

JUICING EASE and POWER: Simply place a pitcher under the spout, start feeding fruit, and let the juicer do the rest: the M/AS Advance automatically starts juicing when you add fruit (Auto-Serve). At thirty (30) fruit per minute, it will give you an 8-oz portion of juice in seconds. Most of our customers keep a box of fruit close by, so juicing can be done on the side, with one hand, and with very little extra labor requirement. There is also an optional stainless fruit basket that can be mounted on the machine and makes reaching for fruit even easier.

JUICE VARIETY and HEALTHY PROFITS: The Fantastic M/AS Advance has an optional small pressing kit for smaller citrus fruit. This way you can juice not just standard oranges, but also tangerines, lemons, and limes. The pressing kit can be exchanged in a few simple steps. This will allow you to offer your clientele not just orange juice, but also lemonade, limeade, tangerine juice, etc.: orange juice in the morning, lemonade for your lunch crowd, and lime cocktails for Happy Hour. Increase you options for Healthy Profits!

  • The Fantastic M/AS Advance in a CAFE: If you own a café that is open for breakfast and lunch, you can start off with the lemon/lime kit and prepare your lemonade or limeade before you open up in the morning. Chill it for your lunch crowd. Especially lime juice tends to mellow and tastes best a couple of hours after squeezing. When you are done with your lemons and limes, you can give your juicer a quick cleaning and switch over to the orange pressing kit. You can now serve orange juice on demand, since orange juice tastes best fresh off the press.
  • The Fantastic M/AS Advance in a RESTAURANT: A restaurant only open for dinner can work in a similar way to a café. Prepare lime juice in advance for the evening’s cocktails. Then, without having to switch pressing kits or taking the juicer apart, you can move on to lemons for lemonade. Finally, after juicing the lemons and limes, you can give the juicer a quick cleaning and install the orange pressing kit. Refrigerated, lemon and lime juice retain their fresh taste for hours. With the orange pressing kit on the juicer you can now press oranges on demand and have fresh juice available for a range of non-alcoholic or alcoholic fresh-juice drinks the whole evening.

TASTE and PURITY: Juice from a CITROCASA juicer has superior taste and quality. There are two features on the Fantastic M/AS Advance that greatly enhance the taste and purity of the juice squeezed: The Soft Cut System and the Manual Transport System.

  • The Soft Cut System (SCS) with the industry-unique Up&Down Knife ensures precise fruit cuts without tearing the peel. This greatly reduces the amount of bitter peel oil in the juice and makes the juice taste sweeter and less bitter.
  • The Manual Transport System (MTS) lets you clean the sieve of excessive pulp and seeds by simply swiping them off into the peel bucket. In addition to giving you purer juice, this feature also adds to the efficiency of the juicing operation, because you do not need to remove the sieve to do so.

LABOR and TIME EFFICIENT: Apart from the features described above, the M/AS Advance has most of the standard time-saving and hygiene-focused features of CITROCASA’s larger citrus juicers: dishwasher-safe parts, Double Cover for added hygiene and protection, single-screw Cross Holder for fast dis- and reassembly, multi-functional digital display with fruit counter, etc. It is the ideal commercial citrus juicer for small locations with on-demand juicing: it’s easy to set up, use, and clean; it features outstanding design; and it produces great-tasting juices.

Visit the product page on this website or contact us to find out more. We look forward to discussing your juicing strategies with you!

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April 26, 2016