Ready for the Revolution?

The slimmest commercial citrus juicer on the market!

Citrus America is happy to announce the arrival of the Citrocasa Revolution, Citrocasa’s newest addition to its family of high-quality commerical citrus juicers, in the US.

Slim and space-saving

At less than 9.5 inches wide from top to bottom, the Revolution is ideal for smaller establishments that want to have a powerful juicer but don’t have expansive counter space. Bakeries, cafes, or cocktail bars are often tight on space but still want to be able to offer great-tasting freshly squeezed orange juice from a high-quality juicer.

Because of its slim and straight design, the Revolution will fit into almost any space and will line up nicely against other equipment, such as espresso machines or blenders. Now, space constrictions no longer mean that you have to do without a powerful automatic citrus juicer!


The Revolution might be super slim, but it’s not lacking juicing power. It juices at 20 fruit per minute, which translates into roughly 1.5 quart of juice (using Florida juice oranges). That is considerably faster than comparable competitive juicers. A single serving will only take a few seconds: Simply fill the fruit supply tunnel with oranges, put a glass under the spout, and press the tap!

Industry-unique technology

  • Automatic Press Adjustment: this new and patented feature helps maximize yield, by adjusting the pressing power to the peel thickness of the fruit. With this new technology, the yield from the Revolution is up to 20% higher than that gained from comparable competitor juicers.
  • Soft-Cut System: Due to the downward movement of the upper pressing elements, the fruit is sliced neatly instead of torn. This prevents the contamination of the juice with bitter peel substances and ensures highest juice quality.
  • Cross Holder: The quick-release, single-screw cross holder with integrated peel ejector makes disassembly and reassembly quick and easy and helps reduce cleaning times.
  • Double Cover: The removable and dishwasher safe stainless back wall is the key component of the 2-Zone-Technology, the complete separation of food zone and engine zone. All food zone parts that come into contact with the juice are dishwasher safe*. More hygiene and faster cleaning!
  • Intelligent Stop: In order to avoid peel backup and jams due to an overfilled peel bucket, the juicer can be set to a certain number of fruit to be juiced. When the preset amount has been reached, the juicer will beep and stop automatically, letting you know that it’s time to empty the peels.
2-Zone-Technology: complete separation of food zone and engine zone

2-Zone-Technology: complete separation of food zone and engine zone


Counter Installation Kit

An even better way to avoid peel backup and further improve efficiency is by mounting the juicer onto a Citrocasa counter installation kit. This kit requires you to perforate your existing surface so that the peels can fall into the large bucket underneath. The Counter Installation Kit increases the number of oranges pressed before you have to empty the peels from about 15 to about 140 – an almost 10-fold increase!


Apart from being state-of-the art when it comes to technology, the Revolution also features outstanding visual design that will fit well into contemporary settings and enhance your surroundings without being obtrusive. So many juicers currently on the market lack esthetics and design. With it’s simple yet beautiful lines, the Revolution will align well with your other equipment on the back counter, but will also look appealing and attract attention when left on your front counter for people to see and watch.


The Revolution combines new design and technology with Citrocasa’s trusted high-quality features. It is designed for low- to medium-volume juicing and ideal for bars, cafes, juice bars, and other establishments with on-demand juicing needs. Want to find out more? Contact us or give us a call: 407-790-7862.


*To maintain the life of the acrylic front cover and keep the material from getting dull, we recommend cleaning the front cover by hand.

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October 10, 2016