Which Citrus Juicer is Right for Me? – Part 2


The most obvious difference between the Citrocasa Fantastic Advance series juicers and the Citrocasa 8000 Advance series juicers is their different design. This blog will give you an overview of some of the other differences and the similarities between these two lines of commercial citrus juicers.


  • food-grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • automatic fruit feeding system with large fruit supply basket (except Fantastic M)
  • patented up & down soft-cut blade that slices, rather than tears, the peel for great tasting juice
  • cross holder fastens all pressing elements with one single screw
  • 2-Zone-Technology:
    • easily removable and dishwasher safe juicing parts: upper pressing elements, lower pressing elements, knife, peel ejectors, …
    • stainless double cover adds a layer of hygiene between juicing parts (food zone) and machine body (engine zone) and protects seals
  • removable and dishwasher-safe rotation plate (except Fantastic M)
  • multifunctional digital display with various language settings, intelligent stop function, fruit counter, etc.
  • easily exchangeable small pressing kit for pressing smaller citrus, such as lemons, limes, tangerines, … (optional)
  • rolling stainless steel cabinet for added flexibility and efficiency (optional) or counter installation kit (optional): the peels are ejected right into a large waste basket inside the cabinet, allowing you to juice up to 140 pieces of fruit before you need to empty the basket.


The biggest differences between the juicers from these two series have to do with a) design/size, b) speed, and c) the range of citrus that can be juiced.

Fantastic Advance 8000 Advance
Design/size: the Fantastic series juicers have a truly unique design and are considerably smaller than the 8000 juicers. The round and flowing shape of the Fantastic is in sharp contrast to the square design of the 8000. The footprint of the Fantastic is only 11.2 inches wide and at its widest body point the juicer measures just over 15 inches. Design/size: the 8000 series juicers are large, sturdy juicers with an angular design. In width, they measure between about 24 and 28 inches depending on the model, so they take up quite a bit more space than the Fantastic.
Speed: all Fantastic models juice at 30 fruit per minute, which translates to a bit more than three minutes for a 100-count box of oranges. Speed: the 8000 models juice at 40 fruit per minute and are 30% faster than the Fantastic juicers. They are true powerhouses designed for high-volume juicing.
Small fruit: the Fantastic juicers come with an optional small pressing kit for juicing small citrus, such as lemons, limes, and tangerines. Small and large fruit: the 8000 series juicers come with optional pressing kits for small and large citrus, allowing you to juice a wide range of fruit on one machine from limes to grapefruit.
Recommended mounting: the Fantastic juicers work well tabletop, incorporated into a counter with a counter installation kit, or on a rolling cabinet. Recommended mounting: Due to their juicing speed, we do not recommend the 8000 series juicers tabletop. To achieve maximum efficiency, the juicer is best mounted on a rolling cabinet.


For most of our customers, the decision between an 8000 juicer and a Fantastic juicer comes down to two main points: space and juicing volume.

We recommend the Fantastic series juicers for locations with less space, whether it’s counter or floor space. Due to its small footprint, the Fantastic is ideal for restaurants, juice bars, cafes, bakeries, or smaller grocery stores and markets with medium-volume juicing needs. The juicers are very easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble and require little to no extra staffing. Because of their unique and attractive design, they work well on countertops where the customer can see how the juice is made right in front of their eyes. To learn more about the differences between the individual Fantastic models, click here or read the next blog in our series “Which Citrus Juicer is Right for Me?”.

We recommend the 8000 series juicers for locations with more space and ongoing high-volume juicing, such as grocery stores, larger restaurants, and caterers. You can have your staff operate the juicer and juice into bottles, which can then be purchased in the store. Or you can set up the juicer for self-service and give store patrons the unique experience of filling bottles and cups on their own. In grocery stores, the 8000 juicers work well in either the produce/fresh-cut department or wherever you display items for grab’n go, such as sandwiches or other prepared foods. In large restaurants, they can be positioned either in the kitchen or the bar area. To learn more about the differences between the 8000 models click here or read the previous blog in our series “Which Citrus Juicer is Right for Me?”.


If you own or manage a location with limited space and but want a strong and efficient juicer, a Citrocasa Fantastic juicer could be a great choice for you. If space is less of an issue for you and you juice large volumes on an ongoing basis, an 8000 series juicer will give you the power and flexibility you need.

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Each location is unique! We would be happy to give you more insights into setting up your juicing operation and choosing the best juicer for your needs. We want to make sure that juicing can turn into a success story for you! Simply give us a call, email us, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to speaking with you!


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September 21, 2016