Which Citrus Juicer is Right for Me? – Part 3


Each juicer in the Fantastic Advance series offers a few special features that might be particularly useful for your specific needs. In this third part of our series “Which Citrus Juicer is Right for Me?”, we are going to give you an overview of the similarities and differences between the Fantastic juicers.


  • food-grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • small footprint: only 11.2 inches wide
  • juices at 30 fruit per minute: just over 3 minutes for a 100-count box of oranges, only seconds for an 8-oz serving
  • patented up & down soft-cut blade that slices, rather than tears, the peel for great tasting juice
  • cross holder fastens all pressing elements with one single screw
  • 2-Zone-Technology:
    • easily removable and dishwasher safe juicing parts: upper pressing elements, lower pressing elements, knife, peel ejectors, …
    • stainless double cover adds a layer of hygiene between juicing parts (food zone) and machine body (engine zone) and protects seals
  • multifunctional digital display with various language settings, intelligent stop function, fruit counter, etc.
  • MTS: manual swiper to clean the sieve of seeds and pulp
  • easily exchangeable small pressing kit for pressing smaller citrus, such as lemons, limes, tangerines, … (optional)
  • rolling stainless cabinet for added flexibility and efficiency (optional) or counter installation kit for integration into your existing counter (optional)


The biggest differences between the Fantastic juicers have to do with a) fruit feeding and b) how you release the juice.

Fantastic M/AS Advance Fantastic M/SB Advance Fantastic F/SB Advance
Manual gourmet: the M/AS has manual gourmet fruit feeding. It automatically starts juicing when you feed fruit into the fruit supply tunnel. Manual gourmet: the M/SB has manual gourmet fruit feeding. It starts juicing when you press the SB-tap. Fully automatic fruit feeding: the hopper with the fruit supply basket automatically transports fruit into the fruit supply tunnel for juicing.
Auto-Serve: the M/AS has an auto-serve feature (AS) and automatically starts juicing when you feed fruit into the fruit supply tunnel. Juice flows from an open spout. It’s ideal for juicing into pitchers and carafes. Self-Service Tap: the M/SB has a self-service (SB) tap. Press the tap to start juicing and release juice. It’s ideal for juicing by the glass. Self-Service Tap: the F/SB has a self-service (SB) tap. Press the tap to start juicing and release juice.


We recommend the Fantastic M Juicers (M/AS and M/SB Advance) for smaller locations with medium-volume juicing. Even though these juicers are very powerful, the manual feeding makes them more suitable for staff-operated, on-demand and by-the-glass juicing. Common locations are cafés, bakeries, juice bars, and restaurants. The great thing about the Fantastic M/AS is that it is extremely easy to use: simply put a pitcher under the spout and feed fruit. Because there is no need to push a tap, this is something that can be done on the side while completing other tasks. The M/AS is also our most price-conscious option in the medium- to high-volume juicer range. The Fantastic M/SB doesn’t have an open spout like the M/AS but a self-service tap. This makes it easy to release an exact portion into a glass, but it requires you to push the tap to do so.

The Fantastic F/SB Advance is a fully automatic juicer with automatic fruit feeding and self-service tap. It is therefore much easier to juice larger volumes. We recommend the Fantastic F/SB for locations with space restrictions but fairly high juicing demands. It is the ideal juicer for high-end self-service operations, such as hotels or grocery stores that want to offer self-service options but have limited space.

All three Fantastic models come with the option of a Small Pressing Kit for juicing smaller citrus such as lemons and limes.


All three juicers in this series are for locations that have only limited space available for their juicing operation, but still want to work with a powerful juicer. The manual juicers are better suited for staff-operated on-demand juicing, whereas the Fantastic F/SB with the auto feed, especially when mounted on a rolling stainless steel cabinet, can also be set up for self-service operation.

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Each location is unique! We would be happy to give you more insights into setting up your juicing operation and choosing the best juicer for your needs. We want to make sure that juicing can turn into a success story for you! Simply give us a call, email us, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to speaking with you!



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September 22, 2016