Which Juicer is Right for Me? – Part 4


Up until the launch of the Revolution, the Fantastic M/AS Advance was Citrocasa’s smallest juicer. Now, there is the Revolution – and it is truly revolutionary in size: it is the slimmest automatic citrus juicer on the market! Here’s a closer look at the similarities and differences between these two juicers.


The Revolution is a completely new juicer, but it’s still all about Taste, Hygiene, and Efficiency!

  • body food-grade 304 stainless steel
  • gourmet manual fruit feeding
  • multifunctional digital display with various language settings, fruit counter, intelligent stop function, etc.
  • cross holder fastens all pressing elements with one single screw
  • 2-Zone-Technology:
    • easily removable and dishwasher-safe juicing parts: upper pressing elements, lower pressing elements, knife, peel ejectors, …
    • stainless double cover adds a layer of hygiene between juicing parts (food zone) and machine body (engine zone) and protects seals
  • counter installation kit (optional) for mounting juicer onto countertop. Comes with large under-counter peel bucket, which allows you to juice up to 140 pieces of fruit before emptying the bucket.
  • mountable fruit supply basket (optional) to keep fruit within easy reach


The Revolution is quite different from the other machines in the Citrocasa juicer family – not just in design, but also in features:

  • extremely narrow: the Revolution is only 9.4 inches wide, top and bottom; it is the slimmest commercial citrus juicer currently on the market!
  • juices at 20 fruit per minute: this is very fast for a juicer that small – and by far beats the competition of comparable citrus juicers!
  • currently for oranges only; exchangeable pressing kit for lemons and limes is in development!
  • new rearwards peel ejector design: due to its width, the Revolution ejects the peels not to the side, but to the back
  • reduced splashing: due to the new sieve support design, there is relatively little splashing onto the acrylic front cover
  • fixed-blade soft-cut system: due to the motion of the pressing elements, the fruit gets sliced without tearing the peel and the juice quality is superior
  • Automatic Press Adjustment: this new feature adjusts the pressing power to the peel thickness of the fruit
  • modern, sleek look and slim, straight design for efficient counter-space usage: designed to align perfectly with other countertop equipment, such as espresso machines; attractive all around when standing on it’s own.


The choice between the Revolution and the Fantastic M/AS Advance mainly comes down to a) space and b) juicing volume. The Revolution is the ideal juicer for locations with very limited space and low-volume juicing demands (1-3 boxes of oranges per day): cafes, bakeries, cocktail bars, etc. These locations juice on-demand and mostly single servings. The Revolution juices at high speed but is not meant for continuous juicing without a break. It is currently also Citrocasa’s most cost-conscious juicer option and a good way for you to give juicing a try at your location!

For higher juicing volumes, we recommend the Fantastic series juicers, which have a slightly wider footprint (11.2 inches) but 50% more juicing power (20 fruit/minute on the Revolution vs. 30 fruit/minute on the Fantastic)! Since the Fantastic juicers have an optional pressing kit for small citrus, it is also the better choice for anyone who wants to juice lemons and limes.


Each location is unique! We would be happy to give you more insights into setting up your juicing operation and choosing the best juicer for your needs. We want to make sure that juicing can turn into a success story for you! Simply give us a call, email us, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to speaking with you!

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November 15, 2016